Monday, September 21, 2009

Copernicus and the trial of Galileo

The geocentric theory is a Greek theory that Earth was the center of the universe. It was interesting to the astronomers that the rest of the universe would move around earth.The Sun, Moon, planets, and stars could be seen moving around Earth along circular paths day after day.

The heliocentric theory is a theory that states that the Sun is the central body of the solar system and perhaps of the universe.
The first evidence of theory was found in philosophers writings. It was around 6 century B.C. They said that earth was round from seeing eclipses of the moon. As we know now they were right. Earth's shadow on the moon is always shaped as a circle.

The Geocentric Theory came before the Heliocentric theory. The Heliocentric theory came from about the time of the Scientific Revolution. The theory as we can all see is true is the Heliocentric theory. The center of the universe is the sun.

Galileo Galilei was on trial for writing in a book his idea that the Earth was not at the center of the universe, that the sun was at the center. The Catholic Church believed in the Geocentric theory. They believed that the universe revolved around the Earth. Galileo was sentenced to house arrest.

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